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YourTRUE serves as a resource to women and girls, providing engaging and empowering opportunities for them to uncover their true identity in Christ. We not only create moments that encourage self-exploration but provide a life-applicable blueprint to help each individual take the steps necessary to achieve their true potential in every area of life. 


We are dream supporters!  We help to evaluate where you are, encourage and equip you for where you are going, and empower you to follow YourTRUE.

YourTRUE Quest starts with the excitement and passion of discovering YourTRUE, God-given makeup, gifts, talents, and calling. We aspire to set you on a life-changing course that will help ignite your thoughts to change your life, so that your eyes see what your heart knows and feels.  YourTRUE Vision comes into focus, and together we begin creating your unique blueprint - the path you'll take to achieve YourTRUE potential. 

Upcoming Events

MAR. 31, Sun  |  Georgia FFA-FCCLA

Love Bootcamp

WHO: Young ladies, ages 13-18

WHEN: Mar. 31st - Apr. 3rd


HOW MUCH: $199 



Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Shelia Millender: (678)-753-4360

Gayle Mckine: (678)-960-8345


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Atlanta, GA

Tel 1Gayle Mckine 678-960-8345

Tel 2: Shelia Millender 678-753-4360


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