ClubTRUE Declaration:


I declare I have a sound mind

That I am Loved by God and Love is my Source.

I declare my thoughts, words, and actions are guided by God’s Love. Love Encourages, Equips, and Empowers my Purpose.

As a ClubTRUE Diamond I declare that I am bold, brilliant and beautiful. I declare as a ClubTRUE Girl I am determined to discover my gifts and use them to light up the world

January Spokesmodel of the Month

Nafisa Sabara

Nafisa has displayed the attributes of being a leader and a team player.  She always is  a very helpful, always has a positive attitude, leads by example and demonstrates the meaning of "early is on time."  A real example of a ClubTRUE Beauty.  

What is ClubTRUE?

ClubTRUE serves as a resource to young ladies, providing engaging and empowering opportunities for them to uncover their true identity. We not only create moments that encourage self-exploration but provide a life-applicable blueprint to help each individual take the steps necessary to achieve their true potential in every area of life. 


We are TRUE dream supporters!  Our mission is support participants through, seminars, motivational speakers, mentors, events, outings and a year end trip/celebration, guiding them through a step by step process to create their unique, God-given TRUE Blueprint.  

How Does it Work?

ClubTRUE meets twice a month to discuss life-applicable topics important to the development of young ladies. Club members will spend time with each other dining, learning, listening to amazing guest speakers, and exploring new experiences. These relationships will foster friendships that are bound to last a lifetime. After each enriching experience, the ladies will each take home a memento as a reminder of their TRUE experience.


  • ClubTRUE is open to girls in 5th - 8th grades

  • Ages 13 - 18 for ClubTRUE and 18 - 24 for ClubTRUE Elite

  • Applicants must have 1 letter of recommendation from a teacher, and 1 recommendation letter from a school administrator to apply

  • Club members must maintain a "C" grade average and satisfactory conduct to participate in ClubTRUE

  • Club members must exhibit progression in key ClubTRUE attributes (positive thoughts, words, actions, healthy lifestyle, and self-image)

  • Club members must pay $25 registration fee and remain current on $35 monthly Club dues

  • Note: Scholarships are available upon request.

Atlanta, GA

Tel 1Gayle Mckine 678-960-8345

Tel 2: Shelia Millender 678-753-4360


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